The download continually strives for improvement in its software client by making sure its software offers the best features while providing the highest level of security. is universally well liked by online poker players and we shall shed some light on some of the reasons why PokerStars is the largest online poker room on the Internet.


The poker tables are the most important place to find excellence and PokerStars clearly understood this when designing their poker client. The poker table itself is quite simple and intuitive, while still providing enough flexibility to appease just about all poker players. Tables are resizable for multi-tabling, you can select which seat you prefer to sit at to maintain a consistent perspective, 4-color decks, and more.

PokerStars gives you the choice of several alternate playing environments that vary in color and table size. The themes of the tables themselves can be customized into totally new iterations. 18 themes are at your fingertips right from within the software client itself, with more on tap from various sources, including online vendors and theme repositories. And these themes can be applied to all your tables or only certain ones if you are multi-tabling.

There are also a host of other options included in the client, such as not taking, with customizable note labels that are visible in the lobby, show hole-cards option when all opponents are all-in, detachable controls, and more.

Iputting your actions is very intuitive because of the implementation of excellent user interface design cues like clearly legible and easily pressed buttons.

PokerStars Security

As you can imagine, stability and security are of utmost importance at PokerStars, and you should not be worried at all, as Poker Stars has state of the art account security and authentication features which thwart pretty much all hack attempts, with user error as pretty much the only way for someone else to access your account.

Reality stinks: passwords are ubiquitous, but can be beaten by sophisticated attacks and grant unauthorized access to pretty much any account. This is something many of the other poker sites do not take into account. To eliminate any risk of keyloggers, the client brings to us the “PokerStars PIN” which is a 6-digit pin that works alongside your password to grant access to your account. The special recipe? The pin has to be input using your mouse with the numbers that you have to input will move around on the screen on every attempt. No keylogger in the world will be able to get to the sensitive info.

And on top of that, has one more game-changing feature. Somewhere within the VIP store you will find an RSA Token, which has a variable cost depending on your VIP level. Essentially, it will generate a pin code that is going to change every minute to a different and totally random number, which needs to be entered in addition to your password when you want to access your account. This is referred to as a two-factor authentication scheme which cannot be hacked easily, and is the ultimate line of defense against hacking and making sure you can confidently and securely use your account whenever you please. There’s no question that this is among the best mac poker sites for account security.

When everything is taken into consideration, the PokerStars download is as good as it gets. And we haven’t even mentioned the lucrative Pokerstars welcome bonus and other promotional offers!

PokerStars Bonus

PokerStars offers a new player bonus of a 100% match up to $600. But unlike most other online poker rooms, you do not have to make a single deposit of $600 to max out the $600 bonus. PokerStars allows the new player to make up to 3 deposits within a 90 day period that will count towards the 100% match bonus! So, for example, you can make an initial deposit of $200 and then the following week deposit another $150. Then, two weeks after that when you get another paycheck, deposit the remaining $250. Being as these three deposits were made within a 90 day period they will all count towards a $600 deposit for the maximum 100% up to $600 PokerStars Bonus!

You must use the PokerStars Bonus Code of “STARS600″ when making all 3 of these deposits (or however many) to apply these to your new player welcome bonus. In addition, by registering your account with the PokerStars Marketing Code of “ PSA7201 ” you qualify to enter in $1,000 worth of freerolls and money added tournaments every month!

Once you’ve made the eligible deposit for the PokerStars bonus, you will then begin earning VIP Player Points (VPPs) to liberate the bonus into your account. By playing tournaments and cash games you cam earn VPPs. The amount of VPPs awarded in cash games depends on the game type and the rake for the hand. Tournaments are simpler. For every $1 that is paid toward tournament fees you earn 5.5 VPPs. No matter what, VPPs collect quickly and it won’t be long until you will release your entire bonus. For every 170 VPPs that you acquire, $10 of your bonus money will be deposited into your account.

Don’t forget to use the special PokerStars Marketing Code:  PSA7201  and the PokerStars bonus code:  STARS600  to ensure you receive the maximum bonus, and extra perks such as private freerolls and money-added tournaments!