Evolution Gaming takes domain away from affiliate. Infringement of rights?

casino gamesAn interesting situation came to light the other day. One casino affiliate wrote that Evolution Gaming wants to take away his domain evolution.casino, which he has been promoting since 2015. The company has filed a request to WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) to pull this off.  He wrote about it on various forums, and the opinion of users was divided. Some believe that they have the right to claim the domain because its use violates their intellectual rights. However, others believe that Evolution is a common word, and their company is called Evolution Gaming? so they have no rights to the domain. Either way, it should clear up in about two weeks. Affiliate reported that it will likely lose the domain to Wipo on July 17. That’s the scenario he gives 90%. 

On one of the forums affiliate jokingly expressed a desire to go to court. But such ideas can only be joked about, as such a giant, which in one gulp absorbs NetEnt, will handle minor lawsuits without blinking an eye. Below is a post he posted on the GPWA forum: I’m the webmaster of evolution.casino On this topic, BetConstruct strengthens its position in live casinos. Switch Blackjack Release (you can play it at litecoin gambling sites) I would like to notify all affiliates that Evolution Gaming has submitted a request to Wipo to take this domain away from me. 

As a reason, they say that I used their logo inside my site. (I use their logo on my homepage where I provide information aboutonline games Evolution Gaming.) For this reason, they want to take away this domain that I have had for 5 years. I had a very good opinion of them, respected them, removed their logo. Asked if there was anything else I could change for them. But they just want to take my domain. They accuse me of using their name to promote and using their logo. This is very strange. Because on my site I wrote positive content about Evolution Gaming and did good reviews on their games, and I promoted online casinos that used Evolution Gaming. The real reason I realized later. After a little research, I realized. The day before they sent me the email, they had bought other domains like evolutiongaming.casino. This means that either Evolution Gaming LTD is launching their own online casino, or they are becoming affiliates themselves like NetEnt. It’s very funny that Evolution Gaming wants to make money at the expense of affiliates. If they are so greedy for money, how can we trust this game provider? I hope to win the case at Wipo and I won’t sell my domain.