Bookmakers helped a disabled loser lose £500,000

gambling and bettingTheGuardian recently published an article describing how, over several years, two bookmakers helped a disabled man who cannot move or speak properly to place bets. He ended up losing an estimated £500,000 in compensation for a botched operation that left him disabled. In Play Fortuna Casino there was a similar case. 

Liam McCarron was a successful businessman, but one botched operation turned his life upside down. He lost the ability to move and speak normally. Along with this came the need to immerse himself in something and escape from reality, such an opportunity provided him gambling. On this topic, the Director of Parimatch talked to Conor McGregor about life. Video From 2014 to 2017, he lost at least £500,000 at Ladbrokes and Paddy Power. Since he himself could not move his hands or speak properly, he was helped by the bookmakers’ employees to place bets. They knew perfectly well that he was gambling with the money he had received as compensation for the fact that he had been turned into an invalid. And this was reflected in the internal documents of the bookmakers. As a result of his addiction, he had financial problems, his wife left him, and he tried to kill himself twice. According to Liam McCarron, he lost not only money and family, but also his dignity and self-respect. He noted that addiction has had a tremendous impact on him. Now Liam’s attorneys are demanding that he get his losses back and compensation for the moral damages he suffered because of his addiction. But both bookies deny their guilt. This case has been referred to the UK Gambling Commission, and thanks to pressure from politicians, the lawyers may be able to get refunds.