Beat the casino at roulette

Nobody knows yet how to beat the casino at roulette, many players consider it completely impossible. The probability of winning at roulette only seems to be 50/50, for example, in American roulette there is a pair of green fields – zero and double zero, which reduces the chance of winning to 47.4%. European roulette gives you a better chance of winning as there is no double zero, which multiplies the chance of winning to 48.6%. Only experience will tell you how to win at roulette in a casino, therefore it is necessary to test innovative systems and experimental methods only on free emulators. The world provides for a huge number of a wide variety of strategies, but so far none of them has shown consistent success.

How to cheat roulette

It is not easy to cheat roulette, scammers often use different methods. A widespread way of cheating is placing bets in prize sectors, when it is already clear in which cell the ball stopped. If a player wondered how to win at roulette in a casino by sector using this method, all ingenious is simple. But here you should be extremely careful. Customers who are dishonest are simply trying to unnoticeably put a chip on a winning number or remove a bet from a losing number. Sometimes gamblers replace cheap chips with more expensive ones in order to get more money.

How to beat roulette: red black

Roulette bets on red and black consist in the fact that the player chooses one of the colors instead of the exact number. For example, if a bet is made on red and the ball falls into the red box, then the winning is equal to two bets. If it falls on black, then double your bet on red. And thus, the game is played for the entire game period, and when the red falls out, the player gets his well-deserved win in 1 bet. The method requires a significant amount of bankroll at the disposal to complete the started process.

Different Methods for Winning Roulette at Casino

There are a huge variety of methods and strategies in the world that will help you get a victory in just a few stages, but not completely beat roulette. If you are wondering how to beat the casino at roulette – new methods and proven old strategies:

Martingale – the most popular tactic for winning, based on betting on equal events. The probability of winning is 50 to 50.

Labouchere – principle of negative progression. The player needs to choose 4 numbers in random order, after which bets are made on equal positions, with 1 and the last digit of the sequence summed up. If you win, the numbers are crossed out, if you lose, the number is set at the end of the sequence;

Cuban is a tactic based on the uneven distribution of red and black colors along the entire perimeter of the roulette slot. All digits are set in 3 lines.

Biarritz – the simplest tactic, based on the fact that the player places a bet on 1 number, in case of a victory, the winning amount will be 36 times the stake. If it is a loss – the bet is repeated on the same number and duplicated 36 times;

Thomas Donald’s system provides for the need to constantly rely on the same color. When a player wins, the rate decreases by 1 unit, if he loses, it increases. The idea behind efficiency is that sectors of the same color should appear the same number of times during the throws.

Titanic is a system that involves placing bets exclusively for dozens. All tactics can be tested and the most effective for yourself. Thus, every gambler will be able to win and receive cash prizes. At the same time, do not forget about their temporary effect and do not get too carried away.